Driver FAQs

What are Best Deliveries?
Best Deliveries started as a food delivery company in 2013 known as 24 hr any food delivery, to help out people get delivery from restaurants that are unable to deliver, down the line we become partners with EAT24 and GRUBHUB to be their source of delivery drivers for the restaurants they serve.

How do I do Cash Orders For BEST DELIVERIES?
You will have to use your own cash, debit or credit card on CASH orders. Even though you purchase the food yourself, the customer is obligated to pay you in cash upon your arrival in an amount greater than what you paid (due to tips and fees)

How do I do cash orders for EAT24 and GRUBHUB?
You will pay the restaurant in cash, possibly credit or debit if they allow it. If you don’t have money at the time of pick up you may ask the restaurant to release the order to you. You will have one hour following the pick up to collect the funds the customer owes and return what you owe to the restaurant, not including tips. You only owe the restaurant the grand total of the order.

How do I do Debit/Credit Card orders for BEST DELIVERIES?
For orders paid by debit/credit cards, drivers will be provided a company prepaid card known as the "pex card", which will be loaded with money on demand to purchase an order from the restaurant you are delivering from.

If I pay cash for a Best Deliveries order and the customer doesn't pay me, what should I do?
First of all, please understand that this might not even happen once between ten thousand orders. Conduct yourself politely, do not argue with the customer, and leave the drop-off area and contact us immediately. Lastly, understand that you are never losing money for a cash order that you paid for but couldn't collect on; the company ensures all transactions that are not paid back on your billing cycle, meaning that if a customer indeed does not pay you, the company will take the loss to cover you.

If I do a prepaid order for Best Deliveries and the customer doesn't pay me back, what do I do?
First of all, that is impossible, as the order is prepaid, which means the customer has already made an electronic payment to the company. The amount owed for the order will simply be added to your payroll. Same principles as the above question remain in force.

What happens if I do a prepaid Best Deliveries order and I get a text message that the card declined?
Contact us immediately and notify us of this. Although we will already be aware, informing us will expedite the process of charging the customer or working out a method of payment. Beyond direct instructions by the dispatcher, you are to remain calm and listen to exactly what the office says.

If I cannot do an order, is it ok to press the "CANCEL" button on swift?
Absolutely not. Under no circumstance are you allowed to press the cancel button on Swift. If you cannot do an order, alert the dispatcher, and they will remove it from you manually. Pressing the cancel button disrupts the delivery pipeline and leaves a negative impact on customers.

What happens when I pick up an order and have a vehicle collision?
Contact [email protected], and the dispatcher immediately. Standby, remain calm, and a driver will be on the way to pick up the order from you.

How do I contact the dispatcher/company?
You can send an email to [email protected] if the issue concerns payroll, company information, questions about the job, is not urgent, or unrelated to active deliveries. For delivery related information, stay in touch via text to 818-297-4005

How do I know is the order is for Best Deliveries or a third party?
Basically, if the order is from best deliveries, you will receive a text message with a link right after accepting it. If you do not get the text, then you have a third party order.

Why do I receive a link on best deliveries orders?
Best Delivery orders are calculated at the time of pick up because the order you pay for at the restaurant might be different to what is written on the app. This is not necessary third party orders because they have unanimous menu prices.

How do I know if the order is cash or card (eat24/grubhub/third party)?
The order will specify "PREPAID; do not charge" or "CASH" OR IT WILL NOT SPECIFY THE PAYMENT TYPE, WHICH ALSO MEANS IT IS CASH in the instructions of the order BEFORE you click to accept the order.

How do I know if the order is cash or card (best deliveries)?
It will specify in the instructions whether it is paid by card or cash. You can see this information before you even accept the order.

What is a redelivery?
A redelivery is any order that requires being entirely or partially delivered to the customer for a second time for any reason. Most often it's because a driver takes the order to the customer incomplete, or they are unsatisfied with the food.

How much do I get paid for eat24/grubhub/third party orders?
You get $5 per delivery. You keep all tips. You get $1.00 per extra mile after 2 MILES. The company deducts 10% of the delivery fee on EAT24 / GRUBHUB / THIRD PARTY ORDERS (this includes miles, but not tips)

How much do I get paid for best deliveries orders?
You get $5 per delivery. You keep all tips. You get $0.99 per extra mile after 5 MILES. For certain restaraunts, you will be paid $10 due to wait / prep times. For grocery store orders, you earn $15 per delivery. Even for special orders like these, you also get miles + full tips. We do not withhold the 10% fee on delivery fee for BEST DELIVERIES orders. Instead, the customer is billed for a 9% service fee.

Do I still get paid if the restaraunt is closed when I arrive, or if the order is canceled?
Yes, you will be compensated a flat 5$ commission for arriving at the restaraunt. Immediately contact the dispatcher to notify them of the restaraunt closure or order cancelation.

Do I still get paid if I cannot reach the customer or complete the delivery for a reason that is not my fault?
Immediately contact the dispatcher and notify them of a no-show. Typically drivers who have a no-show must wait on the drop off premesis in order for the dispatcher to get credit for the attempted delivery. After this process is complete you must return the food to the restaurant.

Do I get paid for redelivery?
Yes, you get paid $5 + any miles, +2 dollars in tip.

I have a question regarding the payroll.
Please send an email to [email protected] for any payroll related inquiries.

What is pex-card?
Pex-card is a prepaid card distributed to best deliveries drivers for use on card orders for best deliveries customers.

Can I still do card orders without a pex card?
Yes, If you do not have a pex card you may use your own cash/card until you receive one. In this situation, the amount you spend is reimbursed to you on your pay cycle for that week.

How do I use pex-card?
When you need to make a transaction using pex-card, simply contact the dispatcher via text with the amount required for the purchase to be valid. They will deposit the amount onto your pex-card and you may make the purchase using the card.

How do I accept Best Deliveries Orders?
Once you accept an order for best deliveries you will get a link texted to you from a phone number once you click on that link you will be asked for login and password, the default will be LOGIN: 1 PASSWORD: 1 After logging in you will be able to view the full order on the website.

Can I call and place an order ahead of time at a restaurant for a best deliveries order?
Yes, you may, but you absolutely must notify the dispatcher.

If the restaurant has a drive-thru should I go inside to order it?
We leave that up to you, but as an additional note please know that if a restaurant has a drive-thru (such as McDonalds or BK) the order must be placed by the driver.

If I arrive at the restaurant and they refuse to take my order (for any reason) what should I do?
Contact the dispatcher immediately by texting 818 297 4005. Remain at the restaurant and await instructions.

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